How often should you visit the Local dentist?

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Our oral hygiene seems to be as important as our teeth itself. Our preferences greatly affect the overall health of our mouth especially our teeth. From the food we eat to the oral regimen we do every day, and even the decision to see a dentist, are all crucial choices we have to make. Most of us don’t see the need to visit a dentist every six months or even a year. We have different notions when it comes to visiting a dentist. Some visit them regularly while others only see them when there’s something wrong with their teeth. Nevertheless, everyone still needs to visit the dentist for some reason.

The most common reasons that affect the decision of how often we should visit a dentist are as follows:

  • Teeth and gum problems

Being a child, we have this notion of a painful process whenever we are talking about a dentist. This makes us develop a fear of visiting the dentist. In turn, we are more likely to develop teeth and gum diseases as we grow older. Then, that will only be the time for us to consider seeing a dentist.

Cavities and toothache are the most common reasons for dental checkups. For people who experience such problems, they visit the dentist for an oral examination. Then the dentist may advise them to go back for any procedure, whether tooth extraction or tooth filling is necessary within 1-2 weeks. After that, a follow-up after a month may be required and a regular visit to the dentist for every six months should be taken into consideration. Visit Vital Dental’s Facebook page for more details.

  • Teeth Cleaning

Now we should face it; there are these people who are really teeth conscious. They are those who cannot let a month pass by without seeing a dentist. One of the reasons for this persistence is the need for teeth cleaning. Professional teeth cleaning pertains to the expert cleaning of teeth with the aid of dental equipment. This should be done by only a registered dentist. They usually advise for professional teeth cleaning twice a year, making you visit the dentist every six months.

  • High risk of oral problems

We all have different genetic traits from one another. Others may have stronger teeth while others can have weaker teeth. This is because of our genes which dictate how soft or hard our tooth enamel structure should be. Hard enamel makes it harder for bacteria to dig, which gives more protection. Softer enamel, on the other hand, is easier to decay, giving various problems such as cavities. In this case, a person should visit the dentist more often. It is advised to have a dental check-up for every 3-4 months or as needed.

  • Wearing dentures

Most people who wear dentures actually think that after getting their dentures done, they don’t need to go to the dentist anymore. The truth is, they should always be checked by the dentist regularly to maintain overall oral health. Because they have synthetic teeth, it is best to keep track of these dentures if they are not causing any problems such as irritations or unusual clicking whenever the patients use them for chewing. Also, dentures have the tendency to become loose, causing inconvenience in eating and speaking. It is then advised for them to visit their dentist for at least every three months.

  • Dental braces

Braces are used to correct misalignment of teeth. There are a few types of braces used for specific kinds of teeth alignment problems. Whatever type of braces a patient chooses to have, a regular visit to the dentist is a must. This is because the dentist should keep track of the progress of your teeth’s response towards the brace structure as often as possible. Also, the dentist should perform regular adjustment of the braces as well as cleaning of your teeth to prevent plaque buildup. Normally, a patient with braces is advised to see the dentist every month or once every two months.


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